Additional Services

NComm’s Additional Services:

  • Wireless access point installations
  • Wireless outdoor bridge installations
  • Communication cabling removal and recycling
  • Building riser rooms and pathway fire sealing solutions
  • MDF and IDF equipment and racking bonding/grounding installations
  • Office furniture reconfiguration PC/phone relocation services


 IT Professional Services:

Server Management and Deployment

With 10 years spent building and re-building windows server networks, we have experience in what to do and what not to do in order to make your network operate as efficiently and securely as possible.   We can help you:

Select, acquire and deploy servers to accommodate any need from simple file sharing to clustered environments capable of supporting thousands of users.

Hardware and Software Purchasing

Using a distribution network we are able to obtain and sell you nearly anything you require in order to keep your business going and growing.

Currently we are partnered with Cisco and Lenovo for direct sales at the best pricing.  However if you need more, we are also partnered with a number of value added resellers who can obtain nearly anything your company needs at the best prices available.


*NComm’s IT professional services are extra services we provide our clients though our trusted partners in the IT industry.